Just an fyi: things have improved greatly at work, now that we’ve moved. As I hoped.

I’m back to looking for a church.  I’ve tried out two so far.  The first, well, the first sucked.  The second would have been okay (not great), but there was literally no one my age who wasn’t married with kids.  I’m looking for just two main things here: I want a church that I fit in with theologically and ideologically, and where I can find friends.  Is that too much to ask?  Anyway, I have two more churches on the  radar to try out.

Also, since moving out, my desire to be in a relationship has grown exponentially.  Must… resist…  I’m sure that it’s entirely related to the fact that I am lonely.  I have no social group here yet and so of course I would long for legitimate friendships and relationships.  I think the one thing that saves me from becoming a complete, desperate maniac is that I really don’t want children from my own body.  (You should know what I mean by this by now if you read my blog.)  So there, at least, I have no ticking clock.  I have all the time in the world to settle down with someone, if I ever do.

I still want a farm/land/gigantor garden.  Speaking of farms…  Do you remember my brief stint on farmersonly.com?  Apparently my friends tell their friends about it as proof that the site is real. ha!  (It’s my approach to dating sites that makes them impossible to work for me: I never take them seriously.  I just go on for amusement.  And so eventually, I always have to shut down my account when I get too many fellows who actually want to meet me.)

So other than being lonely, things are going well.  I have a couch and kitchen chairs (thank goodness).  The kittens are adjusting well, and being the little jerks only cats can be.  But they’re so cute that they make up for it.  Work is going well; the integration of our two offices is going smoothly overall.  There are always a few kerfuffles.  And I’ve messed up a bit on ordering (ran out of ink and paper towels), but in my defense, everything ran out at the same time and surprisingly fast compared to the previous three months.  Plus I was in the middle of moving two offices into one, so really, cut me some slack.

I really think finding a faith community is going to make all the difference in my personal life.