How gross is it that I’m eating a little candy corn right now, as I compose this post, at 7am in the morning, alongside my cup of black coffee?

Yeah, pretty gross.  But that’s why I’m rockin’ the single life.  You folks with kids (or significant others perhaps) couldn’t get away with this.


That aside…  Writers block!  I know the whole point of a month of intense writing is to simply force yourself to write, but I can’t seem to do it.  I’m probably at half the required word count thus far with no sign of catching up in sight.  [Note: 4 candy corns is all I could handle.]  It’s good that I don’t assign any personal merit to my ability to complete this crazy writing exercise.  My hope is to simply write something every day, even if only a few words.

In other news:

I’ve gained 4 pounds.  And no, I don’t think it has anything to do with my candy corn habit.  Ahem.  However, I’m on it, don’t you worry.  If I had nothing else to motivate me, the lack of funds to buy a new work wardrobe would be sufficient.

I tried out a new church on Sunday.  It has a bit of wacky theology, but seemed okay otherwise.  And I’m willing to put up with some wacky theology if I can get the other things I’m asking for.  Besides, they can’t help it–I think it’s an AOG church.  Regardless, I’m going back this coming Sunday.  Yes, that’s right.  This church was good enough to earn a second visit!  *cue sounds of surprise*

That’s all for now: I’ve got to try to write something before work.