A small sampling of why it could be said that I am subletting my apartment from my cats:

Their toys are many and scattered throughout the house because why pick them up since the cats are home more than I am?

I cannot keep Sophie off the kitchen table.  Instead, I’ve put a place mat at the far end and let her sleep on that.  Fear not, I wipe down the table before I use it.  As far as that goes, I wipe down every surface before I use it as I can’t seem to keep the cats from counters when I’m not around, either.

I bought a fleece blanket for the top of my bed because the cats like fleece, and I don’t mind if they knead (i.e. ruin) that blanket.

I open the living room window nearly every morning for 20-30 minutes because Shelby freaks out if I don’t.

I keep doors to rooms (not closets) open at all times so my cats can come and go as they please.  (Sophie has been known to push the bathroom door open if it’s closed and she wants in bad enough–the latch isn’t the best on that door.)

My cats basically have me wrapped around their little paws.  And they know it.