Today made tonight a beer & pizza roll while watching Gilmore Girls kind of night.

Today I miss having a roomie to come home to and commiserate with (that’s you, “Ricky!”).  [To be honest, I usually miss you, Ricky… Love, Lucy.]

Today I am months behind in a project at work.  I also had a guy (who I do believe has actual mental imbalances) come in and insult me (not to mention women-kind in general), so I asked him to leave and not return (he’s not eligible for our services anyway).  And when I went to take my final break (late), I found the toner in the upstairs printer had sort of exploded, but no one told me.

At that moment, I laid on the floor and announced that I was giving up.  Unfortunately, reality reigned, so one of my co-workers found me gloves, and I set to work.  But of all the asinine things that my fellow employees tell me, why would they not tell me something important like that?!


On a completely unrelated note, I am kind of in love with this song lately:

Post Script: I’m not a fan of the video itself. Just the song. :)