I know one of my hopes for this year is getting on track faith-wise.  But does that necessitate church attendance?

I love how friendly everyone is at my current church.  But I do not love the theology (lack thereof).  My mind wanders freely during sermons.  I ache to hear a sermon that is based in good hermeneutics, rather than simple speculation from a cursory reading.  I want to be somewhere where I can interact with others about faith in ways that are meaningful.

I don’t know that I can attend a church that has an undercurrent of disrespect for women and a obvious disregard for homosexuality.  (This latter point is not from anything in a sermon–yet–but conversations I’ve had.)   And one that has a strong dislike of government assistance in any way–they are huge fans of the Dave Ramsey idea of accumulating wealth and being self-sufficient.  Side note: I hate this about most Christians lately–when did Jesus or his disciples ever preach about being self-sufficient?  Weren’t we supposed to help our fellow person?  When did Christians get so mean and stingy??  And since Christians have so sadly dropped the ball, I think it’s fitting that the government would step in.  Sometimes, you just need the extra help.  But I digress.

So to try to find a new church?  Again?  On the other hand… to not attend at all?  It is not for some guilt or compulsory reason that I would want to have a church, but a deep desire to be with others who are like-minded.  Hence the problem with this current church: we are not like-minded, and only have similarities on the uppermost level (identifying as Christians).  Why is it that I am so often more like-minded with those who do not identify as Christians?

It is just so… discouraging.