There is an evil look in my cat’s eye as she glances at my desk lamp.  Shelby loves  nuzzling the shade, which not only lines it with cat hair, but knocks it askew.  And she knows I hate it.  She has now climbed onto the top shelf of my bookcase and is trying to grab her brush from the top of the books to knock it to the floor, where she will commence rubbing her face on it and biting it, alternately.  She has succeeded.

Surprisingly, Sophie is simply chilling on the rocking chair, behaving herself for once.


I am contemplating wearing a skirt today.  I even shaved my legs just in case.  Which brings me to a point I want to consider.  Why is it that it is such a strong societal expectation that women shave?  Men can be as hairy as they like, but women must rid their bodies of all unsightly (in men’s opinion) hair.

Perhaps you have seen this article from Huffington Post?  I just want to know why we have to follow the norm.  If I didn’t work in an office, I think I might be brave enough to forgo leg shaving, but I worry about it being considering unprofessional.  (I really have no idea.)  I think there is some odd idea that not shaving means you are not well-groomed, but while I am far from a fashion plate, I am clean and neat.

Women of the world, let’s unite.  If enough of us quit, they’d have to get used to it.