I cut my hair last weekend, similar to Ginnifer Goodwin.

I haven’t received any negative feedback (and let’s be honest, most men, at least, are more than ready to tell you they hate your short hair–as if you care).  I have heard tons of good about it.

Although, a few have asked about the motivation.  Motivation for getting my hair cut?  As if it is a huge life change I have made, as if I am making a point or a statement, as if it is more than hair…  At that point, I usually stumble through my explanation that I have wanted short hair for years, but was always afraid my face is too round.  (Who wants to look like Charlie Brown?  Not me!)  But then, Ginnifer Goodwin, who I love, cut her hair short.  And she has a round face.  And she is darling!  I have been considering her cut for the last six months to a year.  But I wasn’t brave enough.  Then I finally gathered up the courage.  And I don’t look like Charlie Brown at all.  One person even told me that I have the perfect face for this cut.  What??  I wish I had known years ago.

This wash and go is fantastic.  Styling has never been easier.  This is what most men have been enjoying for years, while I toiled on with long hair.  The unfairness is astounding.

All that to say, I am loving this haircut.