Can I just say, it is really wind-ing out there.

I’ve been thinking about dreams lately.  The kind you have when you’re sleeping.  You know, the kind that is a “wish your heart makes.”  No, okay, the first kind.

I find dreaming to be an entirely fascinating occurrence.  I kind of used to hate dreaming, because I had recurring nightmares for most of my childhood.  But when I got over the nightmares (sometime in high school), I started having recurring dreams.  I still do, to an extent.

My favourite part of recurring dreams is that the recurring part is more centered on the dream-place than the actual dream.  The more times I dream of a dream-place, the more familiar I become with it, and the more I am able to control what happens in my dream.  Or, maybe I should say that I am able to control where I go in my dream, because certain locations tend to have certain actions tied to them.

A few of my dream places:

-There is a two story house, loosely built upon my second house, but much larger and quite different.  The front yard has a bomb shelter type structure in it (but I have never managed to get in, so I’m not sure what it actually was).  The upstairs is thick with dust and eery to me.  I tried not to spend much time up there.  Although, it has a secret hallway that led to a secret door that I knew if I could get all the way to the end, I would find out the answer to the question I had.  I never did make it to the end, but I did try several times.  Anyway, downstairs has the most magnificent bedrooms.  And one of them has a master bath connected, with a great shower/tub combo.  I really enjoyed those rooms.  (I know that sounds weird.)

-There is a town, a conglomeration of a few places with significant differences.  Every sector was very different.  The waterfront area is where I had an apartment.  The old-town section was where my grandma lived.  Downtown had a fantastic ice cream shop, but it was almost never open, so you had to really work at it to get there at the right time.  I liked to walk the streets, go to shops, just enjoy.

-There is a place that is connected to the playground of my elementary school in real life, but obviously my dream completely deviates from reality.  There is a river that separates the playground from a camping ground and several other neighborhoods.  One of the trails led to the most wonderful hike/river/pond.  I really enjoy going there, but it’s hard to find sometimes.  The hike is fun, and the surroundings are beautiful: all green and mossy and tons of granite rocks, artfully placed it seems.

-There is a place that is on a university campus, I think.  It has a game room, which I have never fully explored (big surprise), and a movie theatre, which actually has a secret floor (because this movie theatre is something like 7 floors–kind of weird).  I think that this is the same place that also has a huge parking garage, and the dormitories I sometimes find myself in.  The stairs are absolutely creepy, and the bathrooms are awkward to say the least.  Some of the stalls have doors, but only some.  And then the largest set of bathrooms is unisex, maybe a locker room, actually.  I do not like being stuck in the locker room: it also has group toilet stalls  (like several toilets in one large stall).  I also feel like this is the place that the parking garage can take you to an airport and a hotel (connected to each other), which has an elevator that you almost fall out of every time you go in it.  It’s a place that has too much for me to ever really learn it.  It’s really confusing.

-One of my newer dream places seems to be a collection of parks.  I’m not as familiar with it, so I still get lost a lot while I’m there.  It’s awkward because I’m often expected to know where things are, and sometimes people ask me, but I can never quite say, because as I said, it’s still unfamiliar.  But I like it.  I love parks, so it’s fun that I have a dream place where it seems like I just get to go around and explore.  The other night I dreampt about this place, and we were having a festival in one of the parks, which was really fun.  Only it was raining.  (When I woke up, it was raining outside, so I imagine that’s where the unfortunate rain came from.)

I don’t mind completely random dreams, but I do admit that familiar ones are nice.  I can remember them better, and I enjoy being able to choose my own adventure, so to speak.

How do you dream?