Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I was in the kitchen, finishing a batch of baked goods, when I noticed two of my neighbors outside, doing yard work.  It turned out that one of them has been hired by our landlord to maintain the two properties here, which made me feel a little better about my laziness.  But still.  It is our home, right?

So I donned clothes I could work in and borrowed a rake.  According to one of my other neighbors, it has been at least a couple of years since anyone raked out my “backyard.”  From the massive pile of leaves I created, I can believe it!  I was outside for almost three hours.  But my backyard is mostly raked, I cleared off my porch area, and worked the soil a little in a small flower bed area by the porch.  (It’s mostly surrounded by a line of rocks, so it feels like it ought to be a bed of some sort.)  I even pruned a tree and this huge bush that is now not so huge.

I’m considering buying a few plants to put in, to make it look nice.  Even if I’m only here this one year, I’ll still be here this spring and summer, so I might as well enjoy my backyard, right?

I’ll say this: my cats did not like that they could watch me through the screen, but couldn’t join me.  I think they were jealous.