I did purchase a few plants for my “flower bed,” after all.  I put in a lemon-thyme plant (by the mint I transplanted from the side yard), a few pansies, a couple “wild” strawberry plants, and a couple creeper type plants that I’m not sure what they are because I didn’t pay that much attention.  Along the back of the bed, I have some daffodil bulbs that my neighbor gave me.  They’re done for the season, but will look great next year!

I also purchased a tiny, baby fuchsia.  But that I have planted in one of my own pots outdoors so that I can grow it into a beautiful fuchsia and take it with me when I go.  I’m going to use the skills I learned in my high school horticulture classes from Mr. Jensen.

I’m considering attempting to transplant some moss for the rest of the yard, since it’s too shady for grass to grow.  There’s certainly plenty of moss to steal from other areas where it’s not even wanted.  And a moss yard can look really nice if it’s done well.


In other news, the ants have discovered my cats’ food bowls.  This is not good.  I can’t tell where they’re coming in this time (the sneaky sonofaguns), so I’m not even sure where to put up the most resistance.  The cats won’t eat if there are ants (I don’t blame them), so this is truly an important battle to wage.  Sigh.  No more ants, please!  Since I doubt my landlord will spring for an actual perimeter spray by professionals (I know it’s toxic chemicals, but we’re talking about ants in my house!), I looked up this stuff, which is supposed to be safe for pets and kids and is a perimeter treatment you can do yourself.  I mean, seriously, whatever works.


And in other-other news, I am changing my internet providers (again).  I started with Clear for $49.99/month, but when they went up $5/month, I went shopping for a new provider.  (Since then, they have been eaten by Sprint and don’t even offer the same deals anymore.)  Then I went with Frontier for $29.99/month.  But… apparently Frontier doesn’t have the technology to support the number of customers they have in my area, which means I frequently have internet issues and my internet drops/shuts off/is a pain in the ass.  There’s nothing for them to do, so obviously that meant I had to find a new provider.

If you can believe it, I have a two year contract with Xfinity by Comcast for $34.99/month, price-lock.  All I can suppose is that they are competing with everyone else.  I didn’t want to go with Xfinity because usually 1. you don’t get a contract and you have to call every 6 months to get the price to stay reasonable, or 2. you get a contract with a low price to start, then a jacked price to end (and you can do nothing about it).  But this new deal is a promise of a low price for two years, even if I move locations.  I mean, it sounds like a lie to me, but the guy insisted it wasn’t.  So I bit and next weekend I’m getting Xfinity installed.  Hello, fast-internet!

Life is a mixed bag lately, but mostly good, I think.