“When we were there praying with them, the Holy Spirit was so thick I was really feeling God’s presence.  This was a big success and the home group was really blessed!  This is what The Bridge is all about.  Connecting and having fun.”

I try to be fair to the churches I’m trying out (did I mention I’m starting again on a new church-hunt?), but when I find statements, such as the above, on their website, I can’t help myself.

“…the Holy Spirit was so thick I was really feeling God’s presence.”  Really?  The Holy Spirit was so thick…  I’m not even sure where to start on that whole statement, theologically speaking.  God’s presence is always here.  The Holy Spirit is also here.  Can the Holy Spirit be here in concentrated form, like frozen OJ or something?

And now we’re going to state that the HS being thick, God’s presence really being felt equals “success.”  Wait.  So if you have an “off” night, you lose?  Damn, I didn’t know faith was a game.

And then… the Bridge group is all about success and blessing others through their success (of getting the HS to show up thickly and making sure you can really feel God’s presence).  And success and blessing equals “connecting and having fun.”  What?  Who edited this thing?  Did anything actually read this statement?  Did they think through the implications of what was being said?

The funny thing is that I’m still going to give this church a shot–they have women on the pastoral staff!  I assume they let some young 20 something write that statement, and they put it up without thinking about it (sigh), but I am hoping the church itself has a better foundation, theologically, logically, etc.