Today I learned a lesson: Even if you’ve had good success with new hairstylists in the past, stick with your regular when you’re getting cuts that aren’t forgiving.

I now look like a five year old boy.

Or, as one of my friends encouraged, like Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman

My hair is slightly longer than hers, but not by much. I bet I could copy that hairstyle; although, I have little intention of doing so.  The problem with this super short cut is that there’s no shape.  I could’ve cut it myself just like this using clippers.

I am sad; I am hungry (off-topic, but true); I am disappointed at how vain I truly am.

This much is true: No dates  for me until my hair grows out a bit!  Hope those fellows online just want to keep chatting for awhile… haha