Did I tell you I’m (once again) giving up on church?  Seriously.  There isn’t any out there for me to attend.  Not in the area.  Not that aren’t bat-shit-crazy or just plain awful.  I suppose I should feel guilty about it, but I really don’t.  Who cares, right?

I’m also (once again) giving up on online dating.  I just can’t do it.  Nothing in me wants to go on first dates.  And I hate the contrived attempts at getting to know someone.  Plus, let’s be honest, most of the men online are just idiots.  (No, really. Try online dating sometime, and I think you’ll end up agreeing.  Note that I said “most,” not “all.”)

I am somewhat feuding with my upstairs neighbor (and her rotten kid), plus with a co-worker.  I suppose I am just an angry person.  But what I don’t understand is why anyone feels the need to question the status quo?  Now, the upstairs neighbor is not trying to make me like her (no, far from it), but the co-worker wants to know why I just can’t be nice to her.

Okay, that is partially a fair request.  I should at least contrive to be nice to her insofar as we must interact.  She’s just so stupid most of the time.  And she drives a Hummer.  Because she hates the earth, apparently.  And she called me a crazy cat lady once–we’re not friends, she doesn’t get to mock me.  I don’t call her a crazy kid lady, and she has four of them, whereas I only have two cats.  So unfair.

But, she’s right.  I should withhold my complete contempt–at least from her notice.  But my goodness, I have no intention of ever being her friend.

Why can’t I just be left alone?