So I’m finally actually job hunting.  I even asked a few co-workers (and my supervisor) if they’d be references for me.  But it’s not going to be easy going.  I think this is mostly due to a few things: 1. I am already working full-time, so finding the time/energy for job applications isn’t easy.  2. I like where I work, so I am not eager to leave.  3. I don’t think I deserve a better job (for some reason), so I find it hard to “dream big” and extend myself past the obvious.

In other news, my salary is going up on July 1st, so even if it takes awhile to find a new job, I will be able to afford a rent increase (if one comes my way).  Thank goodness.  They decided that since my position is now responsible for two branches instead of one (from when we merged last August), it should get an upgrade.  My supervisor actually told me to ask for a raise months ago, but I never did, so I am sure this is his doing.  And trust me, I am grateful.

Oh, my annual review is today, also.  I know my supervisor likes me, but I am painfully aware of my own weaknesses/mistakes, so I am not looking forward to that part.  However, I, like everyone else, am a work in progress.  So I will do my best to not take any potential criticism to heart, but to merely continue to work to improve myself.  Right?  Sigh.

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but this is the longest I’ve been at one place.  Unless you count the assisted living complex I worked at from August 2001-December 2002.  Only I took off the summer (June-August) to work at the ranch.  But I was only working two evenings a week while I was in school, so it’s quite different.  I like the consistency of being at one place.  I like knowing that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you can still learn and grow.  (More reasons I’d like to stay where I am, just in a different position.  I am so tired of answering the phones.  And being “on” all the time.  I need a job that doesn’t make me “happily” interact with people all day long.)

Well, I’ll let you know when I find my new golden opportunity.  (And likely the frustrating journey that will get me there.)