I spent this morning being productive: making tzatziki and chapati dough. I think I was a little too heavy handed with the water in the chapati, but it should be fine. I’m not convinced you’re supposed to let it sit in the fridge all day before you cook it, but I have such a hard time actually making things after work.  This way it will be ready to cook up on the stove top. (In this heat, I am avoiding the oven like the plague.)

In other notes, not about food, I am feuding with our mailman at work.  Okay, my office is with me in the feud, but I am the one doing the work.  I used to feel friendly toward unions, but now I’m starting to hate them.  Because the USPS union is the reason he’s still on our route.  I have written so many letters, made so many phone calls.  I have sent copies of my correspondence to the Office of the Inspector General, the Consumers Affair Office for our post office, and the General Postmaster (twice for him).  Every time the postman gets talked to, he ups his game.  But not as in does a better job: no, thinks of new ways to mess with us and our mail.  I am going crazy.