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I’ve been going to a United Methodist church lately.  And overall, it has been a really good experience.  They’re liturgical and socially liberal.  And the pastor (probably both) are feminists.  Er, the reverend?  I’m not good at their lingo, yet.

Life is speeding along, largely without me it seems.  I am not sure how just yesterday it was August 1st, and now the month is almost over.  Additionally, I would like to petition that we get more rain.  Just sayin’.  [Should I put that apostrophe inside or outside the punctuation?  Generally I put them outside, but what with the placement, I felt it more appropriate to be in.  Anyone know?]

As you know, I am mostly quite pleased with my living situation (being alone, that is).  However, every so often, I go through periods of loneliness.  I suppose this is normal.  And I think it is also connected to being less satisfied with my current situation (work, apartment, that sort of thing).  Sometimes I just plain envy those who have someone else around, be it a roommate or a significant other.  (Do not get me wrong: I do not want a roommate for anything.)  That is mostly when I have to, yet again, wash dishes or cook or some other chore that I would otherwise split with another person.  Or when I think it would be nice to have someone around with whom to talk something over.  I don’t know.  Maybe I just need a better network of friends.

Food-wise, I’ve been making some new and tasty dishes: spicy lentil sloppy joes, chickpea Mediterranean stew, farmer’s lunch sandwich, to name a few.  Tomorrow I am going to finally try black bean and sweet potato burritos.  I am hoping it is everything I have imagined (and more).

I guess that’s it for now.


I really have nothing new to say, hence the dearth of posts.

I’ve been fighting fleas for around two months.  Yes, my indoor cats got fleas.  So a lot of my free time has been filled with combing the cats, vacuuming, rubbing diatomaceous earth into the carpet, and doing extra laundry.  But the last two times I combed the cats, I didn’t find any fleas on them; so I am hopeful that with a bit more dedication, I will be flea-free.

Job-wise, I am actively looking still, of course.  Sometimes I despair that I will only ever be an administrative assistant. Perhaps someday I could hope for Office Manager, if I got some bookkeeping skills.  Anyway, job hunting is horrible. 

That’s it for now.