Well, I didn’t think the last guy would turn out like he did.

As it is, he’s a fake entirely.

So after spending two weeks talking on the phone for hours every day, when he never showed up for our date, I oscillated between being pissed and being worried. The summary is that the morning after, a friend and I spent some time google stalking him extensively.  We found a real person–facebook, twitter, pinterest–connected to the pictures–and oddly some of the attributes.  We’re not sure if the real person was who was faking me out or if someone else had merely stolen his pictures.  (His social media is very public, so way too easy to steal.)

I can tell you I went from disappointed to indignant and angry pretty damn fast.

But don’t you worry.  I am getting right back on the horse with a coffee date this afternoon.

(My new strategy is to meet first, talk later.)

Although if this guy doesn’t show, I might have to start questioning the universe’s deep seated desire to keep me single.

Quick Update:  I will comfort myself with the fact that even Elizabeth Bennett was taken in by that charlatan, George Wickham.