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Call them what you like: potato bug, roly poly, pill bug.  But I am being overrun.  If overrun means finding 1-2 a day in my apartment, far away from any windows or doors.

Usually the cats play with them, which is how I notice there’s yet another in my apartment.  And I know they’re harmless.  But it’s gross.

Why do I live in a bug apartment?  If it’s not one, it’s another.  I suppose I should be glad it’s not still centipedes and earwigs.  *shudder*  Or ants. I think I’ve successfully figured out how to keep the ants away. (I.e. block all their entrances with caulk.)

I really hate insects.  At least inside.  Outside they are fine.  But once they come inside, I feel as though they have signed their own death certificate.

[Sorry there’s nothing more exciting to talk about. Life has been sort of just plodding on.]


I decided to stop job hunting for awhile.  There aren’t a lot of jobs out there right now, and the one I have isn’t terrible, so…  I’m going to just stay put.  And at some point, I’ll start looking again, but I doubt very much if it will happen before the holidays.

I also disabled (not deleted) my okcupid account.  I need a break from the insanity of online dating.  I think I really should put some thought into whether or not you can date in real life, because that would be so much more ideal.  Do you have any suggestions?  And don’t say a bar.  Or church.

As for church, I haven’t been in several weeks, but think I will start going back at any moment.

(There, the typical tripartite of updates.)

One of my friends had a great idea for NaNoWriMo.  It would be a bit of a hijack, but when have I ever played by arbitrary rules that I didn’t make up myself?  Anyway, she suggested I write a book of all my (mostly online) dating stories.  That could be a fun way to spend November.  Now, there have been so many that I will have to enlist help to remember them all.  I figure if I spent this month brainstorming, trying to get some basic notes on as many as I can recall…  We’ll see how it goes.  But it would be fun, if nothing else.

One of her favourite recent stories was the guy that after the third date, I realized I had more chemistry with my sandwich than him.  (Oh my goodness it was the best sandwich ever.  Grilled cheese on sourdough with Beecher’s flagship, beer caramelized onions, and bacon.)  That said, friends, if you have some favourites, let me know.

Do you think all the accidental dates and wrongly assumed joke ask-outs should be included?  Because those are some good stories, too.  (Remember those days before I figured out what a date was and that if a guy asked you out, he was serious?)

In other news, I went on a good first date this weekend.  He even walked me to my car afterwards–no one does that anymore, but it’s a really nice touch.

And, I forgot this song in last night’s post:

(Song actually starts around 1:40)

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

There is nothing new to tell you.

I’m debating giving up on church again; I hate online dating; I can’t find a job.  See??  Nothing new.

My cats are adorable as ever. (Still not new.)

One of my work friends is on maternity leave (that’s new).  I’m excited for her, but sad for me.  That is three months of way less enjoyable social interactions at work.  I think it will make the next three work months much less bearable.  But perhaps that will be even more motivation for finding a new job?

Next month is NaNoWriMo.  And like every year, I am debating joining in.  If I started planning now, I could probably pull a book idea together well enough to have a real chance of writing it.  But then… that’s basically all I would do for the entire month of November.  Oh the decisions.

I convinced another friend to sign up for online dating, and he is getting date after date after date with all these hotties.  Clearly he is doing something right.  (Or he’s just so dang amazing, which I would tend to believe.)

Maybe something new or exciting will happen soon.  Or I’ll develop something interesting to say regardless.

One can hope.