Nothing, nothing, nothing.

There is nothing new to tell you.

I’m debating giving up on church again; I hate online dating; I can’t find a job.  See??  Nothing new.

My cats are adorable as ever. (Still not new.)

One of my work friends is on maternity leave (that’s new).  I’m excited for her, but sad for me.  That is three months of way less enjoyable social interactions at work.  I think it will make the next three work months much less bearable.  But perhaps that will be even more motivation for finding a new job?

Next month is NaNoWriMo.  And like every year, I am debating joining in.  If I started planning now, I could probably pull a book idea together well enough to have a real chance of writing it.  But then… that’s basically all I would do for the entire month of November.  Oh the decisions.

I convinced another friend to sign up for online dating, and he is getting date after date after date with all these hotties.  Clearly he is doing something right.  (Or he’s just so dang amazing, which I would tend to believe.)

Maybe something new or exciting will happen soon.  Or I’ll develop something interesting to say regardless.

One can hope.