About a week ago, I reactivated my okcupid.  But I’m starting to see a trend in my life. (Okay, not starting to see. Just continuing to see it despite my best wishes that it’s not true.)  The actual idea of dates sound terrible to me.  I’m pseudo planning one for this Friday with a guy, and it just sounds awful: the time, the effort, the inevitability of failure…

A friend and I went out for dinner and drinks last weekend.  It was fun, casual, fantastic.  We sat and talked and laughed and just enjoyed ourselves for hours.  Now, why can’t dates be like that?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  Maybe I’m just not meant to online date.  It’s hard for me to connect with people, and I just don’t see myself ever connecting with someone I’ve met online soon enough to be willing to give them a real chance.  Plus in the meantime, it’s just pure agony.

I think I’m just going to close down the account.  And if I tell you I’m signing up again, remind me of what a stupid idea that is.  Deal?


Speaking of last weekend, my friend and I discovered the best little tavern ever.  It was just like Cheers.  Everyone knew everyone’s names and appeared to be friends.  So weird!  Plus great prices on drinks.  I think that place will go on the rotation.  (Pretending as if I have a real rotation of places I’m willing to go on a regular basis other than Safeway, Target, Starbucks, and now this tavern. hahaha)