“But I know I’m gonna change that tune, when I’m back on top, back on top in June.”  Thanks, Sinatra, for explaining things so well.


I recently started using my dining room table again, at least for breakfast.  It’s easy to forgo it, living alone.  But there’s something so nice about sitting at the table with breakfast, a cup of coffee, and whatever book I’m currently reading.  It just feels better.

I’m counting down every week, for no other reason than to wish for the weekend.  I think I should plan a mini vacation (staycation, probably) at some point after the holidays.  I think I just need more than a couple or few days to rejuvenate.  And perhaps to feel like I have the time to work on some projects I’ve had on the back burner.

Also, I wish that cheese didn’t have so many calories in it.  I’m using myfitnesspal with work friends, trying to lose the weight I’ve allowed to creep on, and it’s a great app, but so condemning.  And cheese is just so delightful–I keep daydreaming of all sorts of comforting, delicious dishes, like mac & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.  But the calories!  Sigh.