I’m sick of only bad news in the news.

I’m also sick of reading articles about why we need feminism.  Not because I am not a feminist myself (as you should know by now that I am), but because it never changes.  Rape culture, patriarchy, stupidity…  UGH.  The other day I posted a thing on facebook that simply said we need to start respecting women for being human, not because they are sisters or mothers or daughters or wives.  And the only people who commented were men who quickly took up defensive postures to announce that respect is a two way street–that men need respect, too.  (No shit, Sherlock–not that this is a problem for most of them…)  My god: is it necessary to be so defensive of anything that might elevate a woman to your level?  (Automatic respect due to the penis.)

Enough on that. I’ll just get worked up again.  And I get too upset to even attempt to be clear, concise, eloquent… I just want to slap them all and tell them to learn to use their brains.  (This is everyone who doesn’t get it, not just men.)

I think I might have too much angst toward men to date them.  (Truth.)

Eugh. Bedtime.