My cats have tapeworms.

The last time they had fleas was early last summer.

I can’t find any evidence of fleas now, nor could the vet.

Have they had tapeworms that long?!

I am grossed out (not that I’ve seen any–I know this from their stool samples at the vet), plus I feel like a bad cat mom.  And I’m frustrated because I feel like I should treat for fleas, plus do a thorough clean of the house.  AGAIN.  And with so much going on at work at the moment (not to mention the continuation of apartment hunting), I feel incredibly overwhelmed.

Why are my cats defective?  Tomorrow I’ll get the de-worming stuff, plus maybe the flea stuff.  We’ll see what they say.  And after I find out it’s taken care of, I’ll do a ton of laundry.  And maybe treat with diatomaceous earth.

Sigh.  And to top it off, now I feel all itchy and gross, even though I know I’m fine.  Stupid cats!