Interviewing is easier than I thought it would be.  We’ve done four so far, have one set up for this coming week, and will likely set at least a few more come tomorrow.

This coming week, I’ll still be at the front desk full time, yet there are a couple things I’ll be starting on for finance–like petty cash for my houses.  I’m not exactly sure of when I’ll start the new position, or how it’ll go.  I’m anxious about it, but everyone keeps reassuring me that it will be fine.  According to my new supervisor, I’ll be swamped for a few weeks, then after I get used to it (after several months?), I’ll likely get bored and wish for the days of craziness.  I hope I don’t get bored that quickly.  I don’t mind getting comfortable, but I hope to find the work interesting enough.

It’s weird to be at one place for so long, with the intention of staying on for quite a bit longer.  I’ve never done that before, never even wanted to do that.  But it’s good; I’m liking it.  It’s nice to feel like you belong someplace, even if it’s an office.

Here’s to hoping I don’t suck at financial services. :)