Ah!  The last two weeks have been some of the busiest I’ve had at my office.  Doing two jobs at once is not for the faint of heart.  Thankfully, I should only have about one more week of such stress.  We did hire a new administrative assistant, but he doesn’t start until the 23rd.

New job-wise, I actually started writing bills yesterday (Friday).  It felt amazing to start doing something real.  I mean, I have been organizing and writing cheques and trying to catch up on paperwork so that I could get to the point of writing bills.  Yes, it is all real work, but paying bills helps alleviate my anxiety.

Apartment-wise, I have decided to just stay where I am at least until my landlord raises the rent.  It seems to me that I will have an opportunity to save some money if I stay here (despite not liking it much), and I want to be fiscally responsible.


In entirely other news, I made a cinnamon swirl bread tonight. It should have had raisins in it, but I didn’t realize I had none in my cupboard, and I didn’t think dried cranberries would quite do the trick.  And then I accidentally made the roll too long, so I doubled it up in the loaf pan…  It’s not the prettiest looking bread (two swirls in one loaf??), but it is delicious.