Online dating is the worst.  And yet, I’m back again.

You know what/who else is the worst?  Jillian Michaels.  Ever since I got the new job at work, I’ve nearly given up on exercise, but I’m really starting to feel like a sluggard.  So this morning, with fresh commitment in my heart, I decided to jump start intentional movement (aka exercise) again.  Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, even Level 1, is brutal.  I can’t imagine ever being good enough to progress to the next level (there are 3).  Probably because I hate it so much I don’t use that video very often.  (A vicious cycle.)

And it’s April, you guys.  April!  Do you know–my friend’s shower is in 2 weeks?!?!  This weekend I need to get a move on prepping/finishing things that need to get done ahead of time.  But I want to play this weekend.  Life, how you smite me with your responsibilities.