So I guess my last post came off as really sad.  Not pathetic sad, but sad-sad.  (This from my best friend.)  That certainly wasn’t my intention–I was merely expressing my current state of mind, on a whim, to the blogosphere.  So don’t think I’m sitting around boo-hooing.  I’m not.  I still may want things I do not have, but I’m sure that is only a temporary conundrum, until I remember again that what I have is enough.

Or maybe, I just need to get out of online dating, which is depressing, and learn to meet people in real life.  Maybe then I wouldn’t have to merely be happy with what I have, but could actually have what I want.

I know I try online dating a lot.  I know each time I come away saying “never again.”  And I know I have good reasons for quitting (and terrible ones for starting anew).  But in the end, I am just not sure I have the right personality for it.  Also, if I may toot my own horn a bit, I think I am a pretty awesome person.  I have a decent sense of humor, I’m intelligent, I am fun.  But I don’t think I can adequately convey myself online in a way that is compelling. (Plus I dislike trying to connect with someone in such flat format.)  So I either need a ghost writer for my profile (I hear this is a thing), or I should just focus on meeting people in real life.

On a side note, somewhat related: I have so much more emotional energy with my new job!  Since I don’t spend all day talking/interacting with people, I actually want to hang out with people/friends after work and on weekends.  This is amazing!  Now I just need to make more friends because I only have one in the immediate area, and she has a life outside of me.  (Weird, right?  As if I’m not enough…)