Oh the time, it flies.

This is the shower weekend. Today I’m going reception dress shopping in the city with my friend.  She needs something she can dance in.  (Which reminds me–I MUST start going swing dancing again. I’m supposed to help teach guests how!)  Then tomorrow, as it turns out, I have the day off from maid-of-honor responsibilities: I think my other friend and I are going to hang out–do something outside, maybe a hike?

Oooo!  Speaking of which, last weekend I spent all the money ever and purchased new hiking gear!  I got new boots, socks, liner socks (I didn’t know that was a thing), a day pack (it’s beautiful!), a first aid kit (easier than making your own), a pair of pants that turn into shorts (and are not cotton, like everything else I own), and a guide book to hikes within two hours of where I live.  I’m so ready to start hiking again.  For real!

Then, back to Sunday, it’s the shower day!  I’m still losing on coming up with good games. I’ve found a few, sort of, but I’m not sure how much I like them–the internet is failing me!  Ugh!  I was supposed to be done with this by now!  (Oh man, too many exclamation points.)

In other news, I am painting my toenails NEON PINK.  Yes, that required capital letters.  I might wear my chacos today (as will my friend).  So my toes needed to be ready to be seen by the world at large.

And finally, a note about how confusing it gets to mention more than one friend in this blog without using any distinguishing marks, but to still be able to tell that it’s separate people.