There is entirely too much anxiety in my life right now.  And yes, I understand that most of it is self-inflicted.

I have decided that I need to move.  I can’t actually afford to move (mother fucking rental costs), but I just can’t bear to stay where I am.  So I am going to accept my parents’ offer to help me out–they’ll have to co-sign any apartment I get anyway since I don’t make 3x any rent out there.  Of course, the market is fierce and competitive and you have to move fast.  Like same day fast because they go that fast.  Fuck.

Work is good.  I had my annual review today and it went well.  Of course I focus on the one area where there was any mention of any growth needed, but that is my own problem.

Mmm, in other notes of interest, have you had the Starbucks Smores Frappuccino??  It is seriously the best thing ever in the whole world.  I have so much love for it; I don’t even care.  It’s that good.