Today I made a strawberry cornmeal cake, and it’s all I can do to save it until it cools (when it will be 100% tastier).  It just smells so delicious, and the memory of the last time I made it is dancing through my head.

My friend is coming to visit this Sunday.  That’s in just a few days!  My staycation starts this Friday.  That’s even sooner!

I’m craving chocolate a bit too much.  Also, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food is seriously the best ice cream ever in the entire world.

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.  And I’m not going to apologize.

I would like to be in a relationship with someone who will binge/marathon watch the Harry Potter movies with me.  Maybe I’ll make that a life goal. (haha)

My birthday is this Saturday.  Feel free to send gifts.