My move is coming ever closer… a week and a half away, in fact.  I’m slowly packing.  Tonight, I got one whole box done, in fact!  Um… yeah.  I have the worst mental block ever about packing.  But my apartment is full of boxes–it looks terrible.  I’d say maybe half of the apartment is packed so far.  I can’t wait until it’s over, and I’m in my new place.

My hair is great!  I don’t think I’ll end up keeping it–I’ll probably just let it grow out.  But I like it a lot!  Tons of fun.  It’s good to have a change.

Work is going pretty good.  The quarter just ended, so I have more than usual to keep me busy, which is nice.

Um… I guess that’s it.  But if any of you would like to come over and pack my shit for me, please feel free!