I am moving in 5 days!

Good thing since I just discovered a new batch of ants have found a new way into my apartment. FUCKING ANTS!

Yes, the caps were necessary.

Now, my mom came over while I was gone–without telling me ahead of time–on Sunday and packed for 4 hours.  This was very kind of her and much appreciated.  However… I had left out a few things I probably would have tucked away.  Such as my book Girl Sex 101, which was on my bedside table.  And The L Word, Season One, which was on my bookcase, along with Boys Don’t Cry and If These Walls Could Talk 2.  Not to mention the Feminist Porn book that was on my kitchen counter.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  I’m sure she had to have seen at least one of these items… and probably all.  But you know, when I talked to her that night, she gave nothing away.  So either she is not as nosy as she has been her whole life, plus has no natural curiosity about what I am currently reading and leaving laying around, or she is faking it.  Or denying it?

Fuck. I just need to get the move over, let things settle a bit, then out myself to the parents and get it over with.  Maybe it won’t be as bad as I imagine. And maybe I’ll find a pet unicorn that poops rainbows.