Advice from Everyone Is Gay:

“Do you have any interest in getting coffee with a complete stranger?”
“I wrote my number on this piece of paper because I had the urge to ask you out, but didn’t want to do the uncomfortable thing where you have to answer right away and in front of people, so, if you’d like to – you have the option. If you don’t want to – no harm no foul, I will still make great jokes every morning when I order the same latte.”
“I would love to ask you out either as a new friend or an official date, if you’re comfortable or into either of those things.”

Super hot woman I follow online (in various formats): Dyke.  Or her twitter.  Or her instagram.  (I swear I’m not obsessed. Maybe just a little.)

Super awesome lesbian website:

Two very funny ladies: Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito.

Cutest underwear ever–someone buy me a pair. (Not gay, but feminist!)

I’m sure there’ll be more to post, but for now, this is a good start.