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Someone asked me today what my dating goals are.  I didn’t have a great answer, but I am pretty recently out.  I think I basically listed every possibility as my goals: dating around, dating for a relationship, etc. I think the problem is that I’m trying to not have dating goals right now.  I’m trying to just see how it goes and play it all by ear.  I want experiences, but not for the sake of having experiences.

I also have been sucked into watching The L Word.  I had seen the first two seasons, but then quit watching because it’s so awful.  But I’ve realized that it’s such a part of the lesbian consciousness, that I just have to see it.  And then I kind of got hooked.  I mean, I’m still in season 4, but I know I’ll be watching the whole thing.  (Thank god for Netflix.)

And for the record, I did not bother to see the Super Blood Moon tonight.  I have better things to do than stand outside in the cold.  Like sleep.  Besides, there will be fantastic pictures online tomorrow, I’m sure.


Weekends are never long enough.  Still on my list of chores to do: laundry, ironing, scrub the tub, vacuum.  But guess how many hours of Netflix I’ve watched already?  Oops.

I have a friend coming over this afternoon–we may take a walk or just stay inside.  It depends on what the weather decides to do.  Tomorrow I have a second date with a woman I met online–we’re going bowling.  I’m sure I will impress her with my ability to get an absurd amount of gutter balls…

I think a trip to Starbucks may be in order when my friend gets here.  Priorities.

FYI: Don’t watch the movie Blue is the Warmest Color.  However, I do recommend the graphic novel Blue is the Warmest Color, which it was (very loosely) based on.  The movie sucks. The book, on the other hand, is heart warming and heart wrenching and delightful.

I’ve finally given up on not shaving my legs and now have beautifully smooth legs again.

It was hard for me to decide to give up on it, because fuck patriarchy.  But in the end, I prefer smooth legs: I am a product of my culture and society, after all.  I am 100% fine with other women not shaving, and I wish I could care less about it so that I would join them long term.  But…  smooth legs!

I also like jumping into things completely, then deciding if I want to stay or not.  I spent an entire summer with unshaved legs.  I feel like I gave it the old college try.  And now that I’m out, and not trying as hard to be undesirable to men, I am more willing to do things like shave my legs because it now has (and perhaps should have always had) nothing to do with men and what they like.  Men are just a moot point.  Which I think is fucking fantastic.

I also took the time to paint my fingernails black yesterday.  I love black fingernails, but rarely do it because painting fingernails is a pain in the ass.  And for all the effort you put forth, it rarely lasts long enough to make it feel worth it.  I also kind of suck at painting my fingernails.  Alas.

It’s Labor Day. That means I have the day off, which is fantastic.  I’m going to a baseball game later today with a friend.  Other than that, it’s 9am, and I’m still in my pajamas, watching Netflix, drinking coffee.  What a good morning.

However, I have been thinking that I really need to get back into an exercise regimen.  It’s been a long time since I did anything active on a regular basis, and I can feel the effects.  Ugh.  Not that I’ve ever been that great at it, but still–something is better than nothing.

The theme song to Cheers is basically the best thing ever.