This last weekend, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  Well, okay, technically, they’re “slim straight” jeans.  But they fit like skinny jeans (in my opinion) until the calves/ankles, where they have a breath of room.  They’re also a really nice, dark wash.  And they don’t make me feel like I’m wearing leggings, which is essential.   My friend said they looked fantastic, so I am going to believe her. (She also said that we’re too old to wear jeans that look like leggings, for which I am eternally thankful.)

I also purchased my first pair of leather boots.  Granted, I bought them online after trying them on in the store so I could use a 20% off coupon code.  So I don’t actually have the boots in my possession yet.  But I think they’re incredibly adorable.  I feel as though they’re casual enough to wear under bootcut jeans or over my one pair of skinny jeans, but nice enough to wear with a skirt or with my sweater dress and leggings.  Now, of course, this could just be my belief that footwear is much more versatile than it may be in reality.  However, I don’t care.

Now, on another topic entirely, my goal this week is to figure out where the door to the exercise room is at my apartment complex.  I’ve really got to start working out, and I think the elliptical or the treadmill will be just the ticket.