Oh my god, I might be addicted to my new jeans.  I just want more and more and more.  Thankfully, my budget doesn’t allow for excess spending like that. But the temptation is real.

My grandma is in town this weekend.  She’s coming tomorrow to visit me.  Then I’m going to a comedy show in the evening.  Obviously this will all be great fun, but I can’t help but wonder when I’ll get my laundry done.  I’m going into Seattle for at least the first part of Sunday, so…  Having a social life is weird.

Erm, last weekend, I got a new-to-me car.  I know I’m supposed to be a self-sufficient adult.  And for the most part, I am.  But my car had a check engine light, and despite attempting for several months, I couldn’t save up any money to get it fixed.  So I asked the parents to help out.  After finding out what was wrong, they decided they wanted to just buy me a car.  Now, if your parents offer to buy you a car, the only reasonable answer is “Yes, thank you.”  It’s a 2013 Ford Focus, in Racer Red.  It’s super cute, and way nicer than any car I’ve ever had.  I’m lucky to have parents who are so generous.

And now, I should get ready to go to work.  It’s Friday, which means it’s a great day.