So far, my dating strategy has been to go out with every woman who asks–because women! I also want to give people a chance, even if I don’t think they’re my type or whatnot.  And obviously, I ask women out, too, especially if I’m actually interested in meeting them.  But I can see how this first strategy may backfire a little.

For example, this weekend, I went for coffee with a woman I knew I wasn’t interested in, but she grew up in Calgary, and I’d gone to undergrad around that area.  So I thought it would be interesting to talk about Canada some.  But there was no chemistry, and I was bored and counting minutes until I could leave without being too rude.

Then she texted me after the date to say she had a good time.  I didn’t know what to say in response, so I didn’t answer for 8 hours, but when I finally did, I felt so guilty that I texted that I’d had a good time and included a smiley face.  (That, according to friends, was the failing point. Lesson: Don’t include cutesy emoticons if you’re not interested.)  Anyway, despite a lack of response on my part (like, ignoring her texts), I still got asked out again.  (Kudos to her for bravery?) Which meant I had to say I’m not interested in going out.

Ugh.  I’m not saying a first date has to set my heart on fire (although that’s nice if it happens), but there has to be a basic spark, right?