I was talking with a friend today about all the dates I’ve been going on, plus all the ones I want to line up.  And she made a comment about me settling down…  To which I expressed a distinct lack of desire.  (I should preface this with the fact that the women I fall for have all been emotionally unavailable so far, and why settle for a woman you haven’t fallen for?)

I feel like a squirrel with ADD.  I get excited about a woman, but then another ones shows up, and I get excited about her.  And most of the time, the first one is forgotten.  And so on.

It’s not that I don’t want a relationship.  I do.  I really do.  But I don’t want to jump into one before I’m sure of it.  And if I’m not excited about someone, I really don’t want to jump into a relationship with them.  And if they can’t hold my attention for longer than a date, then, obviously that’s not going to work.

And dating women and flirting with them and meeting them and checking them out… it’s still the best fucking thing ever.  I don’t want to turn into a stereotypical douchy guy, but I also don’t feel the need to start uhauling anytime soon.

I really just want to enjoy this time of my life.