I think I’m setting up a date for this weekend. I sort of took a hiatus from dating, unintentionally, but I’m doing my best to get back to it.  The struggle, as always, is finding butch women to date–or at least androgynous, but ones that don’t want to date a femme.  Anyway, this woman wants to do something more exciting than coffee–she suggested roller skating or ice skating.  We’ll see.  Both might be too exciting for me, considering I suck at them.

I’m reading Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme.  I love reading the stories about butch women–the ones written by femmes don’t interest me as much, but I do my duty and read them anyway.  But the stories I resonate with match me on the inside, if not yet on the outside.  Other than the stereotypical butch/femme pairing that nearly every writer aspires to, that is.  I wish there was more written outside of the dichotomy that it seems everyone subscribes to.

I’ve been spending way too much money on clothes lately.  I mean, they’ve almost all been from thrift stores, but even that adds up.  Anyway, my best friend endorsed my bad behavior.  She said she thinks it is really important to feel comfortable in your clothes.  And god knows I haven’t felt comfortable in mine in forever.

Actually, I was talking with my supervisor about my work clothes and how I’m trying to find some that I actually like.  Her comment was that I have always hated my work clothes.  I don’t think I have ever liked them–they’re all very feminine (or so they feel) and fitted and perfect for women’s business casual, but not at all perfect for me.

So what is business casual for someone dressing a bit more butch?  (Do you like how I shy from labels as long as possible?  I tease them, I test them, I taste them, until they feel right.)  I need help dressing myself.  I can do weekends just fine.  But weekdays?  Ugh.