Oh god, holidays bum me out so bad.  Even when I try to be not bummed, they still bum me out.  Regardless, I just made cinnamon roll dough (in the fridge overnight) and cream cheese frosting for tomorrow morning.  It’s my one semi-regular holiday offering.  I say semi-regular because sometimes I suck and don’t follow through (like at Thanksgiving this year).

I’m experiencing some friend-drama, which I hate.  There is just no need for it.  Plus such bad timing, what with my being bummed out by holidays already.

I went on a coffee date today, which lasted four hours and went well.  I have that ice skating date on Saturday (with a different woman).  I’m totally working it, folks.  There’s another woman I’ve been talking to who I might try to set something up with, but three at once is a bit much for me.  Oh, and there’s a woman I just started talking to on facebook (yes, I know) who might be moving to Seattle.  Not that I’m trying to date her, obviously, but all new people take emotional energy.

I am hoping tomorrow goes well. Or, at least, better than Thanksgiving.