I don’t do resolutions.  But I do have some goals for next year.  And I thought that for posterity’s sake, I’d post them here.  I’m a little early, but such it is.

-I need a new job. I need one that challenges me, gives me opportunity for growth, makes me feel good about myself (as opposed to bad), and increases my income a reasonable amount.

-I want my next move to be into the city. That means my next job also needs to be in the city.  The women I meet, the things I want to do, they’re all in the city.  So that’s where I need to be.

-I’d like to have a relationship sometime in the next year.  I hesitate to make this a goal, as I believe that relationships can’t be forced and have to happen organically.  So perhaps this one is more of a hope.

-If I were able to convince myself, I’d put something about health here.  I really need to get in a routine of exercise, in one form or another.  I went ice skating this weekend, and it felt great.  Just the act of physical exertion–fantastic.

So, we’ll see how it goes.  I feel as though these are realistic and would be good for me.  I’m ready, 2016: come and get me.