Clothes really are more important than I ever gave them credit for being.

Wearing women’s clothing for the vast majority of my life, I thought it was normal and expected that one would feel uncomfortable in their own clothes.  Every day when I looked in the mirror, the best I would give myself was “good enough.”  And while I didn’t like that, I also didn’t question it much.  (To my detriment.)

I’ve recently started wearing only  men’s clothing.  (Technically men’s clothing. As one of my friends said, she’s a woman, so the clothes she’s wearing are women’s clothes, despite the fact she purchased them in the men’s section.)  The first day I wore all men’s clothes to work, I cried because it felt so good.  And now when I look in the mirror, my response is closer to “damn, I look good.”

And I feel good.  I never knew you could feel so good in your own clothes.  It is the best thing ever.  (There are a lot of best things in my life lately.)

Today I waged war on my closet.  I took out nearly all of my women’s clothes and bundled them up.  I’m going to donate them to a local women’s shelter, rather than just dump them at the thrift store.  I feel like if I’m getting rid of an entire wardrobe, I should do so in a meaningful way.

I’m basically starting from scratch, but now I feel like I can build my closet with pieces I truly love and end up with less.  Which will be nice.