It happened.  I got the job.  My last day at my current place is February 12th.  So soon!  I’ll start at the new one on February 16th (the 15th is a holiday).

The nice thing is that most of my co-workers will miss me.  Some, I am sure, will do a happy dance to have me gone.  But to be honest, those are the ones that likely give me the most grief anyway.

And that means that this summer, when my lease is up, I can move to the city.  But what a big move.


This weekend, I am seeing my best friend in person for the first time in almost three years.  She is in the area (sort of) for a work thing, so I am traveling to her for the weekend–at least, for today and tomorrow. Sunday I still need to be here to get things done for next week.  But I can’t wait.  This morning I’m just getting ready to head out.

Incidentally, why do I require so many things for one night away?  It’s ridiculous.