Tomorrow is my last day at my current work place.  I have so many mixed feelings!

I’ve been there almost three years, in two different roles.  I’ve gotten to know a ton of people and made some good friends.  I came out while there and really let myself become more of myself, with co-workers as my audience.

I’m going to miss a lot of people, and I will miss the comfort of the familiar.  But I’m ready for new challenges.

I’m not a fan of change, and all I’ve been doing this past year is change.  I don’t like saying goodbye, and that’s all I’ve been doing this week.  One by one, person by person, those who will miss me have been saying goodbye.  Tomorrow will be the last of them.

The hard part is that, as with any separation, you drift and forget and time makes you move on.  So you know that those who miss you today will be over you tomorrow, and quite likely the same is for yourself.

As one of my pastors said once, back when I used to do the church thing, “Growth never happens without change; change never happens without loss; loss never happens without pain.” -NP

So I’m excited for a new beginning, but I’m sad to see this one ending.