I had two scones for breakfast. I’m going to say the second one was a mistake.

Tomorrow, I start my new job.  I was going to bus it, but the more I look at the buses from where I currently live, the more I think I am going to drive it.  Alas.  Once I move to the city this summer, I hope to be able to do the bus thing much more often/easily.

My mom keeps asking about plans I have, friends I’m hanging out with…  I don’t know why.  If I have plans and she asks about it, I tell her I’m hanging out with friends, even if they’re dates.  It’s not that I can’t tell her; it’s that she actually doesn’t want to know.  You know like in the Pride & Prejudice books, how Miss Bingley keeps asking Darcy leading questions about Elizabeth?  She doesn’t want to hear it, not for real, but she’s torturing herself.  I feel like my mom is doing the same thing.  Ugh.