I had written this beautiful post this morning about my current dating life, but then the questions it was asking were answered in a way I am disappointed in, so I deleted it in order to not have the visual reminder every time I look at my blog.

How about that for a long sentence?

So, moving onward, as always.  I am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with me.  Or that I truly am only interested in emotionally unavailable women (you’ve heard that fear from me more than once).  However, while I will feel the sting for a short while, I will continue forward and continue dating.  Why let anything hold me back from the wonderful world of women?

It’s just so different now because my emotions get involved, and I’m still not used to that.  God, I never felt anything when I was trying to date men.  So I treasure even the hurt because it means that I’m actually feeling something.  At the same time, damn.  I’ve got to figure out how to not emotionally invest in every woman I’m attracted to.  Seriously.

Tonight I will sigh the sighs.  I’ll allow myself a day or two to lick my wounds.  And then, I’ll work on setting up dates–maybe even for next weekend if I can manage it (although, that’s unlikely with how tired I am from my new job).  I did have a first date a couple days ago, but no chemistry.  I think we’re going to try to do the friend thing, though.