When there’s a happy cat on your lap, you can’t get up to do things.  Hence, this blog entry.

Quite some time ago, I blogged about making pina colada cake.  I think I’d tried it two different ways at that point, but unsuccessfully.*  However, as of yesterday, I have a winner.  So, I’m going to share it with you, because the world needs more pina colada cake.

The big problem before was the pineapple.  How to incorporate it without it ruining the texture of the cake (or frosting)?  It finally occurred to me: freeze dried pineapple!  Bingo!

I took my base recipe from King Arthur Flour: Gluten Free Vanilla Coconut Flour Cupcakes.  To the batter, I added a teaspoon of rum (real rum).  I also added a cup of toasted, unsweetened coconut.  Next time, I would add a teaspoon of coconut extract and only one teaspoon of vanilla.  Keep the rum for sure, maybe add more?  (Be careful of adding too much liquid–coconut flour is really sensitive about the liquid to flour ratio.)

For the frosting, I used the buttermilk frosting recipe they list (which is just like every other one, so use whatever you like).  But I added 1.5oz freeze dried pineapple, powdered, and 2 teaspoons of rum.  I think I might add more rum next time, though.  I powdered my pineapple with my mortar and pestle and just put it through a sieve to get out any “big” pieces I couldn’t pulverize.  However, I hear those food processors work great, if you have one. ;)

Finally, I decorated them with toasted coconut on top of the frosting.  These cupcakes are so incredibly good.  Seriously.

*Oddly, in my blog post about it, I raved about the recipe I shared.  However, my own comment, posted later, indicates not all was as it seemed…