I went on a first date last night.  I know I said I was taking a hiatus, but… how do you not go out with women who are talking to you online, wanting to go on dates?  (I haven’t yet brought myself to be able to temporarily disable my profiles, even though I suspect that wouldn’t be a bad idea.)

But… ugh. The incredible lack of chemistry, along with her lack of personality… It was one of those super short, super awful dates.  Awful in the sense that I took time out of my schedule, after work, to meet a stranger, with not great results.  I mean, I had more chemistry with the waiter, and he was a dude.  [Remember that guy I went out with when I was still trying to be straight where I had more chemistry with my sandwich?  At least this is an improvement on that.]

I had originally lined up another first date for tonight, but canceled after last night because I just can’t take the thought of two duds in a row.

But it’s making me wonder…  Do these women really have so little personality?  Is it me?  What if I have no personality?  (My best friend assures me this is not the case.)  Maybe it’s just that I’m so tired with the new job that I’m incapable of creating or allowing chemistry with new people at the moment?

How does chemistry even work?  What is it about a meeting a new person that makes you want to know more… or the opposite?  Inquiring minds want to know.  So if you have a hypothesis (or even actual science?!), pass it on.

Speaking of science… good gracious, science is sexy.