I have had a crazy good weekend so far.  Really busy, but good.

I talked with my friend about being roommates.  I definitely have more doubts about it than less.  It’s not that she would be a bad roommate–she wouldn’t (nor would I, for that record).  But she wants a dog, and while I’m not opposed to that (I’d like a dog someday), a dog plus two cats in one apartment?  That seems a little overwhelming.  We also talked about the fact that we’re both actively dating–we’re not sure if that would be weird or not (probably not; she mentioned she’d take my sloppy seconds, haha).

We also talked about how we both value our personal, private space.  And I think that’s the biggest concern for me.  I like knowing I can watch a show or movie whenever I want.  I can take over all my space because it’s all my space.  If I bring a lady home, we can make out on the couch and don’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way.

I have a feeling that I’m going to choose to live alone, despite the higher cost.  But who knows.  We have about a month to decide before we’d need to start looking (together or separately).