I have got to quit having all these late nights!  I am too old to not get enough sleep on a regular basis–I don’t do well with a lack.

However, the late nights have been worth every second of sleepiness the next days, so…  I’ll likely continue being irresponsible.

That said, I’ve started seeing a woman who is delightful.  I enjoy every minute I’m with her.  We talk about everything; although, there’s still much to cover.  She actually seems incredibly emotionally healthy.  She’s fun, she’s interesting, she’s similar, she’s different.

My only caution so far is that I want to stay off relationship island and keep on relationship peninsula.  (Thanks to a friend who told me that distinction.)  I don’t want to get so caught up in a new person that I don’t make time for anyone else in my life.  I mean, for now, I am fine being submerged in the novelty of it all, but soon, very soon, I must emerge and be social.